"Modern Day Asian Sex Slavery: The Musical" a one woman show by Mariko Passion

developed with direction by Saria Idana

Mariko Passion, self identified “whore revolutionary” tackles themes of colonialism, racism, imperialisim, hegemony, misogyny, "modern day slavery" and other trafficking rhetoric in her first full length one woman show in produced in over 10 years!

May 24-28th, Tuesday through Saturday

Center for Sex & Culture
1349 Mission St.
Event info 415-671-6117

All are welcome!
Advance Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/producer/60201
Cost: $15-25

• May 24th Tuesday 8PM (preview $10, NOTAFLOF)
Reception and movies See Last Minute MiniFest

• May 25th Wednesday 8PM
• May 26th Thursday 11 PM
• May 27th Friday 8 PM
• May 28th Saturday 12 noon

Ms. Passion is a seasoned one off and street performance artist, filmmaker and vocalist that has traveled across the U.S and internationally speaking and singing about her own ‘whore revolution’ary sex worker rights politics in places as far as Taiwan and as local as Venice Beach.

This piece focuses on the plight of the Asian sex worker through a historical pop culture snapshot of clips from Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, Miss Saigon, Flower Drum Song and Me So Horny! A response to the media portrayal of all Asian sex workers as victims of pimps and traffickers, juxtaposed against the true victimization of racism, marginalization and ignorance around the real lives of sex workers of Asian descent in the U.S and in Asia.

The show uses popular music, humor and titillating visuals that will lend a backdrop to her words which aim to entertain, educate and stimulate! Happy Ending no extra charge!




A response to the portrayal of all Asian sex workers as victims of trafficking when the real enemy is racism, marginalization and ignorance of the lives of the sexworkers doing the work. The show uses popular music and aims to entertain, educate and stimulate! Happy Ending no extra charge!